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Public Relations of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis announces:

18th Congress of Cardiovascular Updates was equipped with 3D simulation software

The information of “18th Congress of Cardiovascular Updates” will be demonstrated with the advanced technology and the latest 3D methods. This software has unique features that will be pointed out in this article.
The software:
• Display exhibit spaces and stalls from the view up along with the society’s Logo in 3D
• Possible stall selection through the screen with displayed information
• Searching between companies and important sections of the congress with mapping tool
• Access to table programs and announced events
• Display images and titles of international speakers
• View congress scientific program in the days of the congress
Obviously, this step has been taken with the purpose of improving participants, audience and physician’s communication and connection to congress events.
For more information, please contact secretariat of the Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis on +9821 880 73052.

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